How Near is Here?
Collective, Edinburgh
8 – 12 September

Monday 8 September | Meadow Bank Sports Centre | 10am - 5pm

Intensive Programme
Tuesday 9 - Friday 12 September| Collective | 10am - 5pm

How Near is Here? is a collective enquiry centred on locality – a complex term that may refer to geographical surroundings, the people occupying an area, or the buildings and spaces that define it.

The programme brings together artists, arts organisations and academics working across the field of art and/in ‘the urban’, examining why locality is a contested and widespread concern now. Key questions posed will be ‘What constitutes the local now?’ and ‘What role does art (and culture) play in constructing a locality?’

How Near is Here? Symposium is a chance to discuss case studies and approaches to working ‘locally’, and will include talks by Alexandra Baudelot (Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers), Janna Graham (Centre for Possible Studies) and Kate Gray (Collective); a walking tour led by artist Mitch Miller; a screening of work by Dennis McNulty; and keynote lectures by anthropologist of architecture Albena Yaneva (The University of Manchester) and Fulya Erdemci (curator of the 13th Istanbul Biennial).

How Near is Here? Intensive Programme offers a unique opportunity for small group interested in the role of 'site' in art practice and ‘making the urban’ to be involved in a generative and focused study programme. Over four days, participants will take part in, trial and discuss practices that actively question how we live in and understand our locale.

Each day will involve workshops, screenings and discussions, led by Emma Balkind, Chloe Cooper, Julie Crawshaw, Charlotte Knox-Williams, Florrie James, Kristina Norman, Eastern Surf, and Harry Weeks; and group readings, which depart from Saskia Sassen’s essay Does The City Have Speech?